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Taichi Chuan School of Dmitry Tomilova began with the first class of 1996. Since then, much water has flowed, but the school develops and moves forward. Today it is an integrated system of training taijiquan allows everyone to get the most out of training taijiquan in all aspects of this art.

In our school, we can strive for their implementation in the taichi chuan as a master and as a teacher, to strive for Excellence. There are all possibilities.
And you can take taichi chuan as a hobby and passion simply migrate from one program to another. Pursuing an interesting and healthy business.

Whatever the purpose of training and we are all teachers and students to create a common - school - and the tradition of taijiquan uninterrupted flows from generation to generation. Keeping knowledge and multiply.

School - is not a building or a legal person, the school - a teacher and students, is a place where tradition is passed. A community of people united by a common purpose. And our goal is to continue the tradition of Masters taijiquan past to the knowledge and experience have been preserved, multiplied and passed on to subsequent generations.

Learn more about taichi chuan and our classes you can on our web site. So far, unfortunately, only in Russian.


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Семинар по прикладным аспектам тайцзи-цюань в горах Кавказа

Занятия тайцзи-цюань и цигун в Керчи - стиль Чень


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